Our students are given the chance to embark on their writing journey regularly.  Creative writing gives our students space to develop their creativity and express their ideas. 

Junior Creative Writing

Senior Creative Writing

We offer a range of activities to complement our curriculum. English Week is a highlight of the school year.  We have explored themes such as, “Give three cheers for inventors” and “Horrible Histories”.

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The English Room is open to students at recess. They can watch cartoons and dramas in English and play board games there.

Each year, we take an active part in the Speech Festival and a wide range of other speaking and writing competitions. Our students have been doing extremely well in the Speech Festival. We have two English choral speaking teams and a solo-verse speaking team trained by our teachers in order to develop our students’ skills and confidence in public speaking.

1  63rd-65th HK Schools Speech Festival - Champions in English Senior Choral Speaking and Junior Choral Speaking Speaking