Widening horizons

The General Studies Curriculum aims to stimulate students' interest to enquire and explore with special emphasis on hands-on and problem-solving activities.  A wide range of visits and programs are arranged for students from P1 to P6.  It promotes life-wide learning and widens students’ horizon by tapping the community’s resources.


Healthy and sustainable lifestyle

We work hard to promote healthy and sustainable lifestyle to students. Students participate actively in different environmental-friendly activities.  The school has newly set up an organic garden on the rooftop of the school campus.  We are the first primary school in Hong Kong granted with an organic certification issued by the Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre.  Organic farming and green living will be gradually integrated into our curriculum.  It aims to educate parents and students the importance of sustainable development for modern people.


Critical thinking

School-based curriculum including Current News Presentation and Case Study is developed to enhance students’ critical thinking skills.  Every year, students of each class level are required to do a G.S. project, it aims to develop students’ creativity and also stimulate students to have an inquiring mind.


Enjoying science and nature

The Environmental Resources Centre is a wonderland where students are curious and interested in the natural and scientific world with the science books, Educational Apps through iPad, scientific experiments, live maritime animals and specimens.