The Chinese writing system
It is said that Chinese writing was first created over six thousand years ago. The earliest form of writing was found on turtle shells.
Since you may have met a few or many Chinese characters, it's not difficult to understand that Chinese characters were developed from images of nature, such as
           the Sun (日)  writing ri                                 the moon(月)     
   mountains(山)                              water(水)    
They are called pictograms (e.g. 象形字) !
In contrast, most of the world’s writing systems eventually developed phonetic alphabets to represent the sounds of spoken language rather than visual images perceived in the physical world. 
 As the written language developed, another major method for creating characters was introduced: combining a component indicating the semantic meaning in language with a phonetic component(e.g.形聲字) .
 Over 80% of Chinese characters were formed in this way. Such Chinese characters incorporate meaning and sound as well as a visual image in each individual character.
Chinese calligraphy!
Chinese calligraphy has become an art nowadays for aesthetic appreciation and study. Let's enjoy some of them!
Oracle Bone Inscription
Bronze Inscription
Seal style
Clerical style 
Standard style 
Running style