• Annual Art Exhibition
    Annual Art Exhibition is held at Hong Kong Cultural Centre/ Hong Kong City Hall. Students' artwork will be shown to public. It encourages students to be enthusiastic in creating art.

  • Hall of Fame
    Teacher will collect voluntary artwork from students and choose 30 pieces of outstanding artwork at the beginning of school year. Selected artworks will be exhibited in school campus and art exhibition.

  • Inter-Class Display Board Design Competition
    Students in the same class will work together to decorate their classroom display board based on a specific topic. It encourages students to cooperate and develop their interest of art making.

  • Art Club
    Talented students will be recruited to join the VA Club. They will receive special artistic training, join open competitions, visit to museums and workshops, participate in campus decoration and assist Campus TV programmes or other school performances.

  • Open Competitions
    Students are recommended to join all various kinds of art open competitions. It helps students to gain more experience of different art media and develop the sense of art making.

  • Display student's 2D and 3D art
    Student artworks will be displayed in classrooms, corridor and art room. It provides students more chances to show their artwork at school and appreciate artworks from different form.

  • Inter-school competitions
    All students are welcome to join all various inter-school competitions. It helps to develop students' teamwork and art creating skills.

  • Visit Art Museum and exhibitions
    Teachers will take students to visit art exhibitions which are worthwhile and suitable to them. It helps students to experience arts in different form.
  • "Draw something" programme
    Students are encouranged to draw something about a designated topic. The drawing would be displayed on a movable board in the covered playground.