More than 400 pieces of our students’ artworks were on display at our Art Exhibition held at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre this year. We were honoured to have invited Ms Flyingpig, an Artist, as our Officiating Guest at the Opening Ceremony of our Art Exhibition on 28 May. Ms Flyingpig encouraged our students to enjoy the process of creating something, delivering messages to others through art works.

_111136_small.jpg _111305_small.jpg dji_0315_small.jpg dsc_1880a_small.jpg
dsc_1881a_small.jpg dsc_1884a_small.jpg dsc_1886a_small.jpg dsc_1887_small.jpg
dsc_1890_small.jpg dsc_1891_small.jpg dsc_1896_small.jpg dsc_1897_small.jpg
dsc_1898_small.jpg dsc_1902a_small.jpg dsc_1905a_small.jpg dsc_1911a_small.jpg
dsc_1912a_small.jpg dsc_1915a_small.jpg dsc_1917a_small.jpg dsc_1929a_small.jpg
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