In order to broaden students’ horizon, 4 teachers led a group of 30 students on a 5-day tour to Henan, China. Through different workshops and exploring activities, the students were able to learn more about Henan in different angles including history and culture. They toured around Millennium City Park, Ancient Bridle Path, Kaifeng House, Shaolin Temple; Tomb Museum, LaoCheng LiShi WenHua GuJie at LuoYang; Longmen grottoes, Baiyuan Park and Shenzhou Peony Park Luoyang Peony Fair at Luoyang. Besides, our students visited a local primary school (鄭州中學附屬小學) to learn more about the school life of local students. They also got the hands on experience in making the traditional art crafts - wooden Chinese New Year art, and flour figures.

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