STEAM Week with the theme “Resilience” was held on 2-5 March 2021. Our students were participated actively in the different CHALLENGES including cup stack, bottle flip, coin drop/stack, frog jump, paper plane, pot & pan, spinning top, stress relief bottle, and creating a tower with playing cards. Some students were able to find the science behind the challenge. Many students were could tell that the roly-poly could always stand because it was heavy at the bottom and light at the top.

coindrop01_small.jpg coins02_small.jpg balancingbird01_small.jpg balancingbird02_small.jpg
bottleflip01_small.jpg bottleflip02_small.jpg coindrop02_small.jpg coinstack01_small.jpg
coins01_small.jpg cupstack01_small.jpg frogjump01_small.jpg frogjump02_small.jpg
padletsouvenirs_small.jpg paperplane01_small.jpg potandpan01_small.jpg potandpan02_small.jpg
rolypoly1_small.jpg rolypoly2_small.jpg spinningtop01_small.jpg spinningtop02_small.jpg
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