Arrangements for deferral of class resumption


Dear Parents,

EDB has announced that all schools would resume school on 16 March the earliest, yet subject to further assessment. (教育局宣佈全港學校最早在3月16日復課,但仍待進一步評估。)

Preventive Measures Against Novel Coronavirus  (預防新型冠狀病毒措施)



Students currently in Hong Kong should stay home and avoid travelling abroad. There is no urgency for students now staying in the Mainland, other regions or countries to return to Hong Kong, but they should strictly comply with the preventive measures suggested by the local authorities.

Parents and students should pay more attention to the environmental and personal hygiene.  Please wear masks, avoid going to overcrowded places and wash hands frequently so as to reduce the risk of infection.


If any student or his/her family members who have confirmed or suspected Novel Coronavirus infection,
please inform the School as soon as possible.


Learning & Teaching, and Student-Related Issue  (學與教及學童相關事宜)





Teachers are preparing on-line learning materials for students to keep learning. The materials will be given out every Monday (17 Feb, 24 Feb, 2 Mar and 9 Mar) at 12:00nn. Please log in eClass to check the info in “Handbook”. Students are required to finish the online learning materials and complete the assignments before the submission dates assigned. Parents are strongly advised to facilitate your kids in continuing learning, especially for junior students.
(網上學習資源將於逢星期一 (17/2, 24/2, 2/3, 9/3) 中午12時上載至內聯網的 「家課冊」供學生在家學習。學生須完成學習材料及功課。家長請協助 貴子女進行有關的學習,低年級的學生或需更多的協助。)




The 2nd Term Test (P.1 to P.5) and Exam (P.6) originally scheduled for Mar will be cancelled. The weightings will be adjusted accordingly after considering the school context. Details will be informed later.



All interest classes, training and outings before 16 Mar will be cancelled or postponed.


Dental care services scheduled from 3 Feb to 15 Mar will be postponed.


The study tours to Japan and Taiwan have been cancelled.


Communication with Parents (與家長溝通)



You are strongly reminded to sign eClass circulars and check eClass mails, and pay attention to announcements on the school website for updated arrangements.
(請緊記簽收eClass 通告及查閱eClass郵件,並留意學校網頁的最新安排。)



Please be reminded to regularly delete old messages and clear the trash box in your eClass mail account to allow sufficient space to receive new messages. (請定期刪去eClass 舊信息及清空垃圾信箱,以便有足夠空間接收新信息。)

 Thank you!


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