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Application for early leave

When applying for early leave, a written notification should be submitted to the student's class teacher by parents one day in advance. On the day of early leave, the parent(s) who will pick up the student should arrive at the general office at the notified time. An announcement will be made by the office to call the student to come down. An Early Leave Form should be returned to the security guard by the parent(s) at the security booth when they leave school.

Suspension of school is announced during school hour (Typhoon)

1. When the message is received, the Principal will decide if the physical environment of the school is safe enough to dismiss the students. The Principal will contact the Emergency Unit of the E.M.B to inquire about the physical environment and traffic situation in the district.

2. If the situation is inappropriate/unsafe to dismiss students, all teachers and students have to stay in school until further notice.

3. If the situation is safe, the Principal will make a public announcement that students may leave school.

4. Those students who need the company of their guardians will gather in the classroom and wait for the arrival of their guardians to take them home.

5. Procedure:
All class teachers should be stationed in their own classrooms to take care of the students.
- All activities will be cancelled.
- Parents should wait for the students in CP2.
- Parents need to put the signature and the leaving time on the student's name list when the students arrive at CP2. Parents should get the "Early Leave Form" from teachers stationed in CP2 and return it to the security guard at the security booth.



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