About French



-To provide opportunities for every learner to experience the culture of a foreign language and acquire knowledge in the language concerned.

-To enhance students’ academic excellence. 

-To enhance students’ self-image, self-confidence and self-respect through different learning activities.



-To enhance students’ writing interest and abilities.

-To cultivate students’ creativity and writing skills in French.

-To arouse students’ reading interest and habits.

-To develop learners’ positive attitude in appreciating literary works in French.

-To motivate learners to learn by themselves through providing them with self-learning information technology support.

-To enjoy participating in learning activities like drama, singing, role-play, etc.

-To evaluate the standard of language attained by our students.

-To create works in French and experience French culture.

-To train students’ thinking skills through comparing different cultures.


About Basic French

Our school offers Basic French as a third language to students in Chinese-English stream with a view to providing an opportunity to learn the language and also the French culture.

Students are eligible to study Basic French throughout the whole primary school life from P1 to P6. They are exposed to French language two lessons a week and each lesson lasts for 35 minutes.

Our school believes that exposure to a third language at a young age plays a key role in cognitive development for our students. Starting learning a foreign language in early age increases the students’ level of language proficiency.