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  School Vision  

Developing children's potential to the fullest is an overriding aim of our school.

Education is about nurturing the whole child - our school embraces development of the child in the moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic spheres.

Our school is committed to providing a caring, harmonious and stimulating environment where children are joyful and secure enough to be able to work to the best of their ability.


  School History  

Established in the 1950s by the Portuguese Community Education and Welfare Foundation Incorporated, our school was previously known as Portuguese Community Schools, Inc., Escola Camões.

Since 1996, the school has been run by Po Leung Kuk.

In 1999, it was re-named as Po Leung Kuk Camões Tan Siu Lin Primary School.

Since 2000/2001, our school has become the pioneer DSS primary school in Hong Kong.


  Po Leung Kuk Board of Directors and Incorporated Management Committee  
Po Leung Kuk Board of Directors
Incorporated Management Committee

  School Fee  
Our school fee for 2020-2021 is HK$19,800 per annum which shall be paid in 10 installments ($1,980 per month).  The above payment does not include payment for uniforms, school bus service, lunch, textbooks and other special interest classes.
Remark: The school fee for each year may be increased subject to EDB’s approval.

01.   What is Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS)?
Under the DSS, a school can obtain direct subsidy from the Education Department with the amount calculated in accordance with the no. of students enrolled in the school. It is different from those government and subsidized schools in that a DSS school enjoys the maximum freedom with regard to medium of instruction, student admission method, school fee, curricula as well as employment of teaching staff. (Ref. Education Commission Report No. 3 published in June 1998)

02.   What is the uniqueness of Po Leung Kuk Camões Tan Siu Lin Primary School ?
Our school is unique in its multi-cultural and rich language learning environment. We emphasize on all-round education and the importance of language learning and art education.



  Is there any school fee remission and scholarship scheme?
Our School Fee Remission Scheme aims to relieve the financial burden of families having economic hardship. The eligibility criteria are not less favourable than the Government Financial Assistances Scheme  applicable to students.  Successful applicants, after family’s income checking, can receive either half or full remission. In addition, scholarship will be awarded to outstanding students.  The School issues a circular in September every year to all students inviting eligible students to submit application for fee remission.  For details, please click Scholarship and Fee Remission Scheme.

04.   What is the medium of instruction of your school?
English will remain as the medium of instruction of our school. Apart from English, we also put strong emphasis on Chinese, Putonghua and French.

05.   Are there any school bus services?
The school bus company commissioned by our school provides bus services to students in different areas. Fees for the school bus service are charged differently according to individual bus route..


Will there be any changes in the curriculum of your school?
Different collaboration teams have been formed to advocate good teaching practices. Based on the current curriculum, we are attempting to restructure our curriculum and teaching resources for better teaching and learning.

07.   Will DSS operation affect students' placement to Secondary Schools?
P.6 graduates from a DSS school can still apply for any government aided schools or private schools in Hong Kong.

School Song
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