English Language

Our mission

With a group of committed, energetic and fun English teachers, our mission is to develop our students as confident English users, reflective readers and creative writers by providing them an authentic and enjoyable learning environment to learn and use English in and outside the classroom. The classroom is a place where our students can experiment with the language they acquire and also a place where they can develop their language proficiency with support.



School-based curriculum

Our school-based English language curriculum is designed to meet the learning needs of our students who are active, witty, energetic and willing to take on new challenges. Adopting the thematic approach, our curriculum encompasses themes that are suitable, captivating and relevant to their daily lives. Our ultimate goal is to develop them as self-directed learners, therefore e-learning plays an important role in our curriculum.  


Starting from P.1, we have Reading and Storytelling lessons in our Storytelling Room.  Readers of different sorts, ranging from graphic novels to chapter books, are used to enhance the learning of different themes. In addition, different cultural and moral elements are injected into the language learning process. Through a lot of hands-on activities, students have their voice and learn to express themselves in their unique and creative ways. Group work and class discussions, essential elements of our curriculum, are used to develop their critical and creative thinking skills and also the skills to communicate effectively with one another.



P.3 students learn to be great storytellers by bringing the characters alive! They are having their Oral Skills lesson in our English Room.



How to be great narrators? P.3 students are practising their lines until they get them perfect.



When doing a unit on marine animals, our P.5 students spice up their classroom by turning it into an aquarium.



P.5 students are entrusted with an important job, being self-learners and at the same time sharing with one another their research on a marine animal.


Who can say no to great stories? In their Storytelling & Reading lessons, P.1 students engross themselves in the story the teachers are telling them.



Every year, students have a blast with us in our English Week. This year, P.5 and P.6 students used the Minecraft Education Edition to create a monster and a camp site. Their ideas blew us away.



After doing the units on technology and people with special needs, we enriched our P.6 students' learning experiences by inviting Mui Thomas, who has a rare skin disease, to give them a sharing session about cyberbullying.