Parent-Teacher Association


Objectives of the Association

1. To establish a good relationship between the school and the parents. Parents and teachers can build up better communication network with one another.
2. To provide opportunities for parents to discuss pupils' benefits in education.
3. To provide more chances for parents and teachers to discuss and solve problems about the pupils in order to develop their potentials in all aspects.




1. Parent members - Parents or guardians of the pupils of our school in the current academic year will automatically be members of our PTA.
2. Official members - The headmaster/ headmistress and the teachers who are currently working in our school will automatically be members of our PTA.



Home-school Partnership

Our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) was established in 1999.  Since then, PTA has been acting as an important communication bridge between the school and parents, enhancing the understanding of and support for each other, and helping foster a harmonious environment for our students to learn and grow joyfully.




Enrichment of School Life

PTA organizes a strong team of parent volunteers who provide a strong support to the school.  Through active participation in various voluntary service, parents can enrich the school life for all students and have a better understanding of the school.




Promoting “Well-being”

In view of the drastic social changes in recent years, parents are facing many challenges.  Through organizing different talks and workshops, PTA assists in promoting parents’ well-being, strengthening the bonding among parents, and enhancing parental skills.




Participation in School Development

The IMC Parent Manager who is elected by parents takes part in the school development.  Parent can propose valuable suggestions.



Members of the 13th Standing Committee (2022 - 2024)

Position Parents Teachers
Chairperson Ms. Yeung Pui Ling Peace ---
Vice-chairperson Ms. Yip Sau Har Michelle Ms. Tung Wai Ping Penny
Secretary Ms. Wong Man Ting Tracy Ms. Wong Wing Chi Wanda
Treasurer Ms. See Ka Ngai, Candy Ms. Shiu Wing Sum Doris
Activity & Welfare Officer Mr. Koo Chun Hung Gary Ms. Li Yip Chui Teresa
Activity & Welfare Officer Mr. Lau Ying Tung, Ellis Ms. Ho Siu Man Rachel
Coordinator Ms. See Ka Ngai, Candy Ms. Yiu Sin Yi, Wona


Chairperson's speech at PTA AGM (18.11.2022)


PTA Constitution (16.11.2018)


The minutes of PTA meeting are located under: e-class >Campus Zone >My Group >Parent > Shared Files



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