Interest Classes

The school provides a wide range of interest classes for students to choose from. Students may join the classes they are interested in and try to find out their potentials.


Some of our interest classes:

Taekwondo Hip Hop Dance
Karate Rope Skipping
Badminton Football
Fencing Golf
Sport Climbing Basketball
Mini-volleyball Juggling
Table Tennis Magic
Latin Dance Tennis
Mini-tennis Athletics


Music (Western instruments)
Violin Clarinet
Viola French Horn
Cello Trumpet
Double Bass Trombone/Euphonium
Flute Tuba
Oboe Percussion


Music (Chinese instruments)
Dizi Ruan
Sheng Yangqin
Suona Guzheng
Pipa Erhu


Visual Arts
Ceramic Chinese painting
Clay Craft Comic Drawing
Children Drawing  Water Colour Painting
Mixed Media Art  


International Chess GO Chess
App Inventor (IT) Lego Mindstorms (IT)
Game Factory (IT)