Math is everywhere

'Math is everywhere' , a slogan always bears in our students' minds.  We believe that students learn most through hands-on activities and stimulations around them. Therefore, many Math activities are designed according to daily life situations which students find interesting and challenging.



Consolidating concepts

We put much emphasis on how students learn. Through the active participation of different interesting and inspiring activities such as STEAM Week, Problem of the Week, E-learning platform, Snap Math, Math Projects, World Maths Day and Math programmes produced by Camões TV, our students are able to develop their abilities, explore different situations and discover correlations, and enhance their problem-solving and collaborative skills.



Mathematics School Team

Students who are talented in Math are invited to join the Math School Team and undergo training. They have been actively participating in different territory-wide Math competitions and achieving very good results.



P.1 - Measuring length

P.1 - Shopping game


P.2 - Measuring weight

P.3 - Making bamboo ruler


P.3 - Measuring length

P.5 - Finding directions


P.6 - Finding volume

eLearning activity


P.1 - Snap Math

P.6 - Snap Math


eLearning activity

School team

School team